Monday, February 25, 2013

How did you do that?

Here are the photos of how I put Valentina together.

The image is from The Graphics Fairy. 
I printed it onto some photo paper with a matte finish. 
 I glued the image
to some sturdy, brown paper. 
After it has dried, I cut out all the pieces.

As you can see, I printed extra arms and legs as I am creating an 
articulated or movable paper doll.
Next, I need to create a torso and I have chosen to use
 this lovely Christmas card.
Trace it...
cut it out.
Again, I glue some sturdy paper on the back.
I gather up the arms and as you can see,
 I cut them it what might seem 
like an odd combination.
I need a long upper arm and a long lower arm 
to make a single arm.
I need to trim both the lower arm and upper 
arm to have a natural looking arm.
I use a nail file to smooth out the edges
and colored ink to 
cover the white edges.
Line up the elbow with the upper arm 
and put a hole in it.
Add the brads and there you go!
I tried to use brads that were a similar color 
to the doll's gloves.
Attach arms to the dolls shoulders and torso.
Sometimes, I am not sure if I should place the arms over 
or below the shoulder. It depends on the doll and what 
I plan on applying to the neck area.
Back view of paper doll.
Same procedure for the legs.
A longer upper leg and a longer lower leg.
Trim and smooth the edges and color the 
edges with color coordinating ink.
Attach the brad and carefully cut 
a nice knee cap.
Attach to the doll's body and your doll
is complete, almost!

A piece of sturdy cardboard can help
 give our lady a little back bone.
I printed up an extra face as
 I wanted to make a 3-d hat.
Some glitter for the pom poms and some
 Sparkle Mod Podge 
for a glittery hat.
After the glue is dry, I add some 
Glossy Accents to give 
the hat some depth.
I place some spacers 
behind the hat so it really 
stands out when I glue it to the doll.

I sewed a running stitch 
on to a folded strip of  fabric,
then I pull the thread  and 
adjust the skirt until
it fits the doll's hips.
Then, I added some trim 
to the skirt and glued
it in place.
 Next, I added some trim to her 
shoulder and of course 
some red gems would look great too!
A little Sparkle Mod Podge on
the shoes looks great.
Next, I cut out two little velvet hearts 
to glue to each shoe.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet Valentina Pierrette!

Valentina is all dressed up for the Valentine's Day Ball.
Are you ready for Valentine's Day?
I found this lovely paper doll image at
The Graphics Fairy

In fact, I added her to "Brag Monday at The Graphics Fairy", 

Look for Valentina and give her a "like", if you like!

I will post some photos tomorrow 
showing how I put this paper doll together.
Happy Monday!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine Puzzle Purse

I made this Valentine today, it's called a 'Puzzle Purse"
I discovered this craft project in 2009 from Martha Stewart Living magazine.
This is the front or top view of the "purse".

After you untie the ribbon, you start to unfold the paper.
Here, I used a heart shaped rubber stamp. 

Finish unwrapping and there is your lovely Valentine.

It's fun to also decorate the bottom of the purse.

This is an easy little project and a fun one too.
The Martha Stewart web site has very nice directions.