Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tombstone Trilogy

At the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group
Debi Huntsman hosted this really fun swap!
 The masonite tombstones, are from Retro Cafe,
they have several shapes to choose from. 
The faces I used here are Madame Du Barry, Marie Antoinette
and princess de Lamballe

This is the back view of the Marie 

 I like how the princess de Lamballe 
looks in this photo.
 Here I used the flash. The paper has a different
green hue in this photo. 
 Back view, the camera flash bleached 
it out slightly. 

 Here is Madam Du Barry.
This turned out darker than the other 
two, but I really like it. 

Back view of the DuBarry

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  1. Cameos always steal my heart and your little tombstone ATC are simply delightful...Hugs