Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Retro Halloween Party

Here are the cards I made for a swap at VPI. 
 Retro Halloween Party

The first two cards 
depict the year 1915

They are from the same
 Dennison book cover



I'm not sure what year this is, 
probably 1920's or 30's


Here are the cards I received in return!
First card is by Gina Peake,
second card by
Vonda Smith.
Kris Dickinson did the third
 card and the bottom card too.
Fourth card is by Lynn Stevens.
Everyone did a "bootiful" job!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

All Hallows Masked Ball

There's a masquerade ball taking place
over at the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group.

Everyone was asked to 
create a mask for their partner.
Here is the mask I created for Laura Carson
The color requirement 
was black, ivory and orange.
 I bought a simple black mask from a craft store. 
The mask already had the handle on it.
I glued a cardboard attachment
 at the top of the mask.
The cardboard and mask were 
then covered with fabric.
I warped the stick with two 
different colors of ribbon and added a tassel. 

I found this whimsical Marie Antoinette paper doll on Etsy.


Digital Collage Print Sheets by Julia van der Werf

I dressed up her headdress with 
satin flowers, a black dresden swan,
some lace and a tiny pumpkin
stick pin. 
I added copper wings and glitter
along her neckline.
This is an articulated paper doll and 
I used copper brads
to attach the limbs.
Marie holds a Jack O'Lantern, all 
ready for trick or treating!
I also added three paper medallions
 to the top of the mask trimmed with glitter.
 Dresden trim around the eye opening,
velvet trim on the bottom and 
cording around the upper portion.
A dresden spider web with a skull
& cross bones amulet/medallion. 

I decided that while 
I was making one mask, 

 I should make two!

 Very similar to the first mask, 
but the ornamentation
is different and the 
paper doll is dressed differently.  
This was fun to create and I would love to
create more mask in the 

Halloween Sushi Antoinette

A lovely Sushi Antoinette 
swap over at MAMA resulted in these
lovely Halloween Sushi cards.
I made six cards using two
 different Sushi images.

 Here are the fabulous Sushi cards
 I received in return.
The first one is by Terri Gordon, Kris Dickinson 
created the second card.
Bottom left corner is by Rhonda Thomas, next is another 
Terri Gordon creation, and on the right hand side 
is another Kris Dickinson card.
Such fun ATC's!!