Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cigar box refurbish!

I recently went with my husband to a wonderful cigar event.
We had a lovely dinner and some drinks, and
we received some complementary cigars
from various venders.
The best part was of course the cigar boxes! 
While my husband was gathering up cigars, I was asking for
the boxes! 
When I saw this gray box with it's matt finish, I knew
 I wanted to do a Halloween themed box.
         I found this witch image from
Lisa's Altered Art
    at Etsy.
I'm really trying to use up supplies
that I already have in my craft room. 
This paper from Martha Stewart was the perfect
color. I bought it a couple of years ago. I used it to cover
the name of the cigar company.
I used gemstones to mimic
 tacks or nail heads.
The paper is cut with a pair of scissors using the
"deckle" edge, and then edged with black ink.


For the inside I used some
fabric remnants.
I cut out a square piece
 of light weight cardboard
and glued some batting to it.
Then I wrapped it in this
teal colored satin to place in the bottom of the box.
The sides are lined with
teal velvet.


The diamond shape here was the shape of
the original cigar label. 
Again, I used cardboard and wrapped it
in a black fabric. I cut an oval piece
of teal velvet and used this
gemstone frame. A glittery bat
is the center piece to this witch's amulet.

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